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December 13, 2011



FUBAR 2: Empire of the Rising Dead available for Pre order!

October 3, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen.
We are, as we speak solicited in Diamond Previews for the month of October.
FUBAR Empire of the Rising Dead clocks in at 27 stories adding up to 256 pages.
I’ve seen it all and it is a most impressive book. A book chocked full of black and white World War 2 zombie pulp fiction.

Talk to your  local comic shops and have them ask for FUBAR Volume 2 listed under ALTERNA COMICS in October Previews order code: OCT11 0764.

If you’re not near a comic shop you can pre order online right here!


September 22, 2011

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself—and zombies.”

FUBAR Central Command is proud to announce it’s partnership with Devil’s Due Digital to release FUBAR: European Theater of the Damned through a number of digital outlets.

The Apple App Store has experienced an influx of zombie war comics as Devil’s Due Digital releases their new FUBAR app for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The FREE app serves as a comic reader for each of the downloadable issues—each only $0.99!

FUBAR is available on the Android Marketplace and Amazon App Store—each stand-alone issue is available as an app for still only $0.99 per issue!


September 21, 2011

We set out hoping to raise enough funds to help us pay for part of FUBAR Volume 2’s offset printing. We were worried that our Kickstarter campaign wouldn’t get but a handful of backers. As it turns out, we did just fine. The funds raised through our Kickstarter campaign having greatly exceeded what we’d hoped for now will not only pay for the entire print run, but will also allow us to print more books than we had originally intended. Looking over the data from our backers, I’m honored and humbled to see that outside of our contributors and friends many people from all over the world liked what they saw enough to put up some of their hard earned cash. FUBAR Central Command will be hunkering down and knocking out these reward sketches for our backers. Stay tuned, pics to come soon.

On behalf of all 35 creators involved I humbly thank all of our pledgers and everyone that helped us get the word out!

You guys are amazing and we couldn’t have come close to pulling this off without you guys.

F. D. ARGGHH! Part 2

August 25, 2011

Hey gang, here’s the final page of FUBAR Volume 2

written by Mr. Jeff McClelland and drawn by  Mr. Leonardo Pietro.

If the idea of a WW II Zombie anthology gets you excited, JUMP OVER TO OUR KICKSTARTER to own Volume 1 and/or Volume 2 plus other cool stuff!!

FUBAR: Kickstarter

August 3, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, we have launched our Kickstarter campaign to help with printing the offset run of FUBAR volume 2: Empire of the Rising Dead.

Through our Kickstarter is the only place to get volume 2 until late December and either volume 1 or 2 ordered through Kickstarter also come with your choice of custom WW II sketch on the front page. This also the place to snap up some of Steve Becker’s zombie combat target as well as all kinds of other FUBAR custom art. So click here to get on over there and see what I’m talking about.

–Jeff McComsey

FUBAR II: Empire of the Rising Dead

July 4, 2011


The second installment of our World War II Zombie anthology is off to the printers. We’ve shifted the locale for this volume from the European theater to the Pacific theater of World War II. This volume contains 20 short comics by 33 Small-Press Commandos. A limited ” fundraiser” run will debut at the Baltimore Comic Con this August. If you can’t make to Baltimore this year, we’ll have another chance for you to snap up one of the limited first pressings of volume 2, so stay tuned. This cover was illustrated by our go to cover man, the one and only Danilo Beyruth.